Monthly report - December


This month was full of work and I did not have much time to do things which I would love to do.

KDevelop #

Some patches I made (!66, !68, !75) were accepted and will be part of the KDevelop 5.5.

Falkon #

We are still walking on edge when it comes to Python plugin support. The problem is there is probably “only” me who is testing the patch for real to ensure the patch is correct, but since there was no time…

In this way I would like to ask anyone to help with solving this issue.

On the other end, at the end of this month (year) I finally found a bit of time and tried to port Falkon code away from deprecated things. If there is any problem please create report at bug tracker

Conclusion #

That is all what I deem worthy of praise.

Happy new year and happy coding.